Developing Practice 

This section contains a range of resources, support materials and challenge statements to prompt professional dialogue and reflective practice.

The 'Teaching in Colleges Today' resource in the Introduction to Teaching section contains an on-line learning resource which will be of interest to all staff who deliver and support the learning process.

Sections on legislative responsibilities are underpinned with resources to ensure staff are confident in their roles, whilst the sections on School / College Partnerships and Learning and Teaching contain a range of resources to support professional learning and development.


If you are new to teaching in one of Scotland's colleges you will find the following section helpful. The amount of information you will be presented with when you first arrive in college can seem quite daunting, just as it often does for any learner when they join the college.


Lecturers working in Scotland's colleges are required to comply with a number of pieces of legislation. These include statutory duties to ensure the safety and welfare of children and young people, those who might be vulnerable, as well as ensuring compliance with Health & Safety legislation for all learners and other staff. There are also legal duties to comply with equality legislation, based on the recent Single Equality Act requirements.

Within this section you will find resources to support you in meeting the requirement to have an awareness of Safeguarding, to meet your obligations under Equality legislation and to meet Health & Safety requirements. You will also find resources to support you to develop an inclusive practice within your teaching.


School /college partnership work  has always been an important part of the work of colleges in supporting young people to chose and progress along a vocational pathway.


Professional Learning includes maintaining, developing and up-dating relevant skills across a range of competences, both related to learning and teaching skills and to specific subject knowledge. In many cases lecturers within the college sector are also required to maintain industry standards and competences.

Finding time to stay up to date can present a challenge. Within this section you will find a range of resources to support you to find activity which will be most effective for developing your practice.