Governance Hub

The Governance Hub provides members of boards in the college sector, and their staff, with access to the key training courses and supporting resources that they need to fulfil their roles. It allows board members to access national training modules on-line and, when they have attended national training events, to be able to remind themselves of the information and advice they received.

Board Development Programme 2019 - 2020

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Additional Support and Resources for Board Members
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The Code of Good Governance for Scotland’s Colleges requires every board in the college sector to establish a Remuneration Committee. This is an important committee and this training module provides committee members with the basic knowledge they require to fulfil their responsibilities.

The Audit Committee is the most important of the Board’s committees.

You may already sit on a Audit Committee, or just interested in learning more about the work of an Audit Committee, this module will take you through the role and remit of the committee, including responsibilities in relation to risk and audit, and discuss the skills and experience required to be an effective member.

The Induction is aimed at helping board member understand their role and responsibilities. It provides board members the opportunity to hear directly from key stakeholder such as Scottish Government and Scottish Funding Council, and to ask questions and participate in a discussion on key governance issues. It is also a great opportunity to network with board members from other colleges.

The Good Governance Steering Group (GGSG) was established in October 2013 at the request of the Scottish Government initially to take forward the development of the 'Code of Good Governance for Scotland's Colleges', which was published in December 2014 and revised in 2016.

Staff Board Members play an important role on any college board and they bring a unique perspective to the role.

This new workshop provides an opportunity to learn more about your role and responsibility, and to network with staff members from other college boards.

Student Board Members play an important part on any college board and they bring a unique perspective to the role.

This training workshop, which is run annually by NUS and CDN, provides an opportunity to learn more about your role and responsibilities and network with student members from other boards.

Materials from the 16th March 2017 network event in Stirling available for download.

This section is available to college board secretaries, giving them access to governance reference documents, guidance and templates.