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The Governance Hub provides members of boards in the college sector, and their staff, with access to the key training courses and supporting resources that they need to fulfil their roles. It allows board members to access national training modules on-line and, when they have attended national training events, to be able to remind themselves of the information and advice they received.

CDN Governance Development Programme

Being an effective board member Get into Governance   C1 Understanding your role and the role of the board 
C2 National Board Induction 
C3 National Induction for staff members 
C4 National Induction for student members 
P1 Remuneration Committee training 
P2 Board Secretary Induction 
Strategy and educational character   C5 Introduction to strategy mission and values  P3 Developing educational character 
P4 Supporting Effective Risk Management 
Curriculum   C6 Introduction to curriculum design and planning 
C7 Understanding of your curriculum offer and student profile 
Quality and Standards   C8 The self-assessment and quality improvement process   
Financial Management
  C9 Financial management for board members  P5 Advanced financial decision making 
P6 Audit Committee training 


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Self-directed learning 

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