The Inclusive Practitioner

inclusive practitioner badge

Inclusive Practitioner is a new way to get recognition for CPD related to inclusive practice. Completion of selected College Development Network CPD activities will generate Inclusive Practitioner credits. Accumulate 20 Inclusive Practitioner credits to be awarded a certificate or Open Badge which can be used to evidence your status as an Inclusive Practitioner. Choose different combinations of CPD activities depending on your role and interests. Listed here are current online CPD opportunities in the Inclusive Practitioner programme, more will be added over time. Look out for the Inclusive Practitioner logo on CDN workshops and events.

This course will introduce strategies that colleges can use to ensure that students who are deaf and/or visually impaired have equality of access to further education.

In an inclusive college every member of staff has a part to play and something valuable to contribute. Inclusion is not solely the responsibility of the support for learning team.

This course is for people working in Scottish further education colleges as lecturers and tutors. As well as providing relevant background knowledge, the content is intended to be useful in your daily work. You should find that you are able to start applying your new knowledge and understanding right away.

You will gain an understanding of key factors that influence student mental health, and of strategies that help to support good mental health. We will also look at ways of responding to crises and pro-actively combatting stigma. This course will not qualify you to be a mental health practitioner, or counsellor.

SWR Badge Successful completion of the optional knowledge check and assignment generates 6 Inclusive Practitioner credits and an Open Badge.

This module is aimed at staff in a supporting role within an educational environment. It should be regarded as an introduction to continuous personal development opportunities and form the foundation for completing the PDA Learner Support qualification.

SWR Badge Successful completion of the optional Knowledge Check generates 4 Inclusive Practitioner credits plus a CPD certificate and Open Badge.

This self-study, online course provides an overview of a number of strategies to prevent and deal with low-level disruption in the classroom.

IP1Successful completion of the optional Knowledge Check generates 6 Inclusive Practitioner credits plus a CPD certificate and Open Badge in Promoting Positive Behaviour in the Classroom.