Enabling Student Carers

The Scottish Government Carers Strategy sets out the key actions required to support people who have a carer's responsibility to manage those responsibilities with confidence and in good health, and to have a full life outside of caring.

Recommendation 10 of the Scottish Government 'Getting it Right for Young Carers' states that colleges and universities '..need to be alert and sensitive to the needs and issues confronting this group of hidden carers'.

Student carers often provide unpaid support to family or friends who could not manage without their help. They are a hidden group of students who face unique barriers and challenges. They frequently face elevated financial hardship, decreased well-being and their support needs are often misunderstood. These resources, developed with the help of student carers, colleges and national carer organisations, are intended for use by colleges in order to better understand the needs of student carers and to ensure that student carers are able to both access and succeed in college.

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This interactive workshop highlights the barriers and challenges student carers face and explores the role of college staff in enabling student carers to access and succeed in Scotland's colleges. This resource contains:

  • a detailed training plan that can be adapted and customised to meet the needs of each group or setting
  • a PowerPoint
  • activities
  • student carer video testimony.
The resource is designed to be used to assess how effective your college is in ensuring that student carers are encouraged to access college, successfully complete their course and move on to employment or higher education. It can be used within the planning cycle to review and develop practice.

This resource is a continuing professional development tool for staff in colleges involved in guidance activities, including interviewing. It includes notes for trainers and a video case study drawn from the testimony of an adult student carer.

Links to further documents, resources, national carer organisations and projects.

This resource showcases examples of practice from a number of colleges. None are suggested as the only way to do things but are intended to be useful to colleges developing their own context specific resources.

This resource is here for demonstration purposes only. It is a short course developed by CDN and Skills Development Scotland and is designed for inclusion on College VLEs. It is aimed at students carers and enables them to identify and use the skills they have developed as carers when applying for jobs and attending interviews, as well as introducing them to their rights at work.

If you would like a copy of this resource in .mbz format to install on your College VLE please email james.suttie@cdn.ac.uk

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