Professional Development Award Advancing Equality and Diversity Through Inclusiveness

The PDA Award comprises of a single mandatory unit: Analysing Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness in Context and a double unit: Practising Inclusiveness through Needs-Led Assessment or Practising Inclusiveness to Advance Equality and Diversity.

This revised PDA has been designed to meet the CPD needs of a broad range of existing and new staff in the public sector in relation to complying with current equality legislation and embedding the legislative requirements within their day to day practice of supporting learners and staff from across the spectrum of all 9 Protected Characteristics including disability.

Who is the programme for?

The principal context for this programme is the teaching and learning environment. All candidates should have access to a workplace where evidence to meet the learning outcomes can be generated.

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Advancing Equality and Diversity through Inclusiveness


This is the Needs Assessment Practice unit (vNAP) training area.

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This is the Facilitating Inclusive Learning Strategies unit (vFILS) training area.